Space is my Dream Home

Hi, I'm Bridge Rose. I totally have a plan.
I'm a failed youtuber and artist that's obsessed with fictional universes.
(i'm not a captain america blog. i just like it a lot.)

if any of you want to talk to me at all anytime then message me your skypes (off anon) and i’ll probably add you and we can be buddies


Imogen Heap helps invent gloves that will “change the way we make music”

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the period is probably the least-used punctuation mark on this website yet it’s in the damn logo

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a summary of Captain America’s story titled “Let’s RE-CAP”

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i gained 4 followers in the last 24 hours ???????? whathappensed

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"and that is why pink ribbons are for boobies." -hank green

Things I did not know until now. DAMNIT HITLER.

are you FUCKING serious

"I’m like a… I’m 1-dimensional slender Dan."  | YouNow 22.04.14

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